Chicago’s Experts Weigh-In On How to Reduce Osteoarthritis

Osteoarthritis is a very harmful disease that many people are suffering from nowadays. It can severely damage the strength of the joints in our body. The joints are protected and cushioned with the help of the cartilage that covers them. Osteoarthritis usually takes place when cartilage breaks down. This causes a lot of swelling, pain and limited mobility. The Chicago’s health experts have conducted a research recently where they have found that more than 29 million Americans are suffering from this disease in today’s world. Click Here and find some tips on how to reduce osteoarthritis.

Gender, age, and heredity are some of the most important factors that may make you suffer from Osteoarthritis. As you grow old, the cartilage breaks down and it leads you to the Osteoarthritis. The risk of Osteoarthritis is higher in women that have gone through menopause. The estrogen is the most important element that helps in growing bones and it significantly starts lacking in women that suffer from menopause.

Treating this disease is almost impossible nowadays. However, you can reduce the risk factors by following a few simple steps. The Chicago’s experts have conducted some research and have found some ways that can help in reducing the symptoms and risk factors of Osteoarthritis. You can make several lifestyle changes if you have developed Osteoarthritis. This will help in slowing the course of the disease.

Manage occupational risks

If you are doing a job where you have to make a lot of movement, then it can be very dangerous for your joints. If your job involves twisting, walking, lifting, and kneeling, then you must immediately get in touch with your doctor so that they can suggest you some tips that you can follow to reduce the risk factors of Osteoarthritis.


The joint health can be improved with the help of low-impact exercise. Aerobic exercises can be very helpful in reducing the risk factors of Osteoarthritis. And the stretching and muscle strengthening exercises also play an important role in reducing the effects of Osteoarthritis. In some case, you can totally get rid of Osteoarthritis if you keep exercising regularly. Here are some benefits that you can obtain by exercising regularly.

  • Pain and fatigue reduction
  • Stiffness relief
  • Maintenance of healthy joints
  • Building strong muscles and bones

Inversion therapy

The inversion therapy has also proved to be very helpful in reducing the effects of Osteoarthritis. So, if you are suffering from the Osteoarthritis, you must purchase an inversion table so that you can get rid of this disease. Make sure that you buy the best inversion table 2017 for this process as it can help in increasing the health of your joints.

Maintain a healthy weight

The fats and excess weight can cause a severe damage to your bones. Therefore, you must try your best to maintain a healthy weight. Otherwise, the cartilage would start disappearing due to extra stress and you’d start suffering from Osteoarthritis. Here are some important tips about how to reduce osteoarthritis.